Trading Plan for the days action

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The SPI200 again lagged the US market rally so we may be in for some volatility on the open as Bulls dive into the action. Expecting to see a flush higher and then will be looking for a higher low to hold as ASX bargain hunters provide support. If price fails back into the range then watching for a lower high and squeeze on buyers. The DOW is up at resistance around 34870 and then up at 34950. Watching both levels for either a break and then higher low or to provide resistance. The Hang Seng was contained between 24660 and 24280 and is in no mans land at the moment. Watching these two levels for the action on the open. The Nikkei continues to grind higher so watching the reaction into support around 30220 or resistance around 30370.

Cryptos again found buyers with Bitcoin holding below 44930 and above 4450. Both levels were flushed out to trigger stop losses so watching the levels today to see the reactions of buyers and sellers for direction. Ethereum was capped at 3160 and supported at 3125 so watching both levels to see who will bet the upperhand….bulls or bears.

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