Trading Plan for the days action

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The SPI200 was capped into 7306 after finding support around 7274. Expecting to see some buyers squeezed out of the action today so watching for an initial flush higher to trap buyers and then a lower high. The DOW holding around 34870 resistance after being supported at 34560. Expecting to see a flush higher to trigger some stop losses. The Hang Seng had a choppy session Friday ad then faded in European and US trading. Price is hovering around support which I expect to see flushed on the open. If the level continues to find sellers, then watching for a lower high to hold. On the flip side the underlying index is extended into support and may gap fill higher. The Nikkei has support potentially at 30220 that could hold for a move up into 30370. If it can not hold, then watching for a squeeze lower.

Cryptos were higher over the weekend after fending off another selloff into lows. Buyers are still happy to jump into the action with lofty targets in mind but for now the pressure remains down.

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