Trading Plan for the days action 28/09/21

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The SPI200 took a hit early and then consolidated around the 7306 support area. Expecting to see s flush of support and then a bounce back above 7306. If sellers are strong on the open, then watching for a move down to 7274. The DOW was choppy and lacked conviction either way. Price action will look to again flush lows and bounce as I expect that bulls will want to push into 35185 highs. The Hang Seng rallied after the underlying index closed but was held below the 24355 level. Expecting to see 24355 flushed on the open and potentially another leg up to take out yesterdays highs. The Nikkei flushed higher on the open yesterday and then faded all session after that. The underlying index is heavy so we may see more of the same on the open to rally and trap buyers before falling over.

Cryptos edged lower from the Asian session into the US close. In my opinion, prices remain looking heavy so could edge lower again today.

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