Trading Plan for the days action 30/09/21

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The SPI200 gave back all of the previous sessions gains as price fell over into the US close. Expect that the ASX will open weaker but expecting the 7200 level to hold so the SPI200 may be over cooked at these levels…we will know at the open is there is going to be a short squeeze. The DOW was hit lower…just a shame I did not trade the move down as mentioned in the previous post. Today I would expect to see the 33780 level flushed in a stop hunt if bulls are going to go bargain hunting. The DOW may be well contained today and just chop around the lows ahead of the US open. The Hang Seng is closed today so no trading for me….levels are there in case of a big move but expecting today to be contained. The Nikkei is hovering around the 29325 support which I expect to see tested on the open. Would like to see a flush of stops below the level prior to a higher low holding for a buy setup.

Cryptos found back up off the lows and managed to hold the gains as the European and US share markets fell over. Watching both for a grind higher today and push into and potential break of resistance levels (shown on charts).

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