Trading Plan for the days action 11/10/21

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The SPI200 overnight session was essentially sideways after testing up to 7302 and then failing. Expecting price to flush lower on the open so will be watching to see if buyers are quick to step in and provide some support or not. The DOW held above the 34650 area after the uneventful payrolls release. Expecting to see price contained into the US session tonight as focus is turning to upcoming earnings. The Hang Seng held up off 24900 in the US session to add to the days gains. There is a feeling the the Hang Seng is undervalued so may see some interest again today. The underlying Index is going to open higher but may see some gap and fill action lower (a grind) after the recent positive sessions. The Nikkei spent the European and US sessions moving sideways. Price was held down at 28150 so may see a flush on the open on a stop loss hunt or just flush into 27990…the open will be fun either way.

Cryptos were contained over the weekend but are finding some sellers today. Expecting a flush lower today after the recent sideways action as…if prices can not go up….will probably gone down to reset. Ethereum is looking heavier than Bitcoin at this stage so may be an uneventful day.

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