Trading Plan for the days action 13/10/21

The SPI200 managed to hold some higher lows overnight and push up into 7280 before finding sellers. Watching to see if bulls can flush 7280 and spike prices higher on the open although I do expect the ASX to be weighed down after a weak US session. The DOW is holding a lower high at 34610 that may further weigh on the action today. Would like to see a kick higher to trap some buyers prior to a sell setup. If the 34295 level breaks then watching for a retest and fail or a grind back above into the range. The Hang Seng held above 24825 which were the day sessions lows. The CFD price has moved below the level so watching for a bounce back on the open and a lower high to pressure price down into 24620. If not then will be looking to work off 24825 up towards 25040. The Nikkei was weak into the US close and has failed off 28275 so watching for some continuation lower into 27990 today.

Cryptos were generally weaker with Bitcoin taking a bit of a hit to clear out some buyers. Watching the 55650 level on Bitcoin today to see if the bounce off the spike low can gather some momentum as eagers buyers jump in to the action. Ethereum is holding up off 3406 which is the level today for either a higher low to hold and work up to 3686 or for more pressure lower.

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