Trading Plan for the days action 14/10/21

The SPI200 moved up into 7284 after again holding the 7218 support zone in a good sign for bulls. The ASX is trying to hold and inside support zone at 7260 and may test into 7330 highs around the open. From there it is whether the price fails or consolidates the highs. I expect the SPI200 to flush higher on the open to clear some stops and then will be looking for a squeeze lower. The DOW rejected a push below 34250 and is set to test into 34460 in search of some stop losses. The Hang Seng was closed yesterday so will see some catchup if the index opens today. The price action marked up on the chart is CFD action not any underlying futures action so the open will be important at 12:15 AEDT to see what levels will be in play. The Nikkei is contained between two minor levels at 28145 and 28260. Expecting a flush up of 28260 and then will be watching for a push into 28360. If price flushes lower, I will be looking for 28145 to hold.

Cryptos managed to press higher along with US share market. Bitcoin pressed up through 56680 and has extended into 57785 which is the level for today. If it breaks then expecting and extension into 59000. Ethereum is a little extended from the run up off 3412 but could easily extend further into 3662. For buys, I will be working off higher lows above the EMAs and the opposite for sells.

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