The 5 Min Trading Day – Weekly Update

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Today we saw ‘The 5 Minute Trading Day’ strategy play out nicely on the Hang Seng in the first two minutes…just the way we like it…no fuss!! (chart of the trade shown below)

The 5 Minute Day – Sell Trade 15/10/21

This week has been another good week for the strategy with it returning 123 points with the bulk made in the Hang Seng index (even with the Hang Seng being shutdown for two of the 5 sessions). It was a relatively straight forward week with consistent setups. As a side note, with a bit of experience and refinement, the strategy ended up returning a further 40 points. So whether you are trading $1 per point or $10, the outcome made for a good week.

Results Week Ending 15/10/21

Please note that as of writing, the DAX and DOW markets have yet to open so will alter the final outcome for the either up or down 20 points.

Speak to you again next week

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