Trading Plan for the days action 15/10/21

The SPI200 ended the overnight session between levels around 7367 and 7317. The ASX will open strong into previous highs so I am expected one of two scenarios today…flush higher and then fade being a Friday, or Flush lower and rally into the close with Bulls in charge. The DOW is up at 34990 so I will be looking for continuation higher off the level and a higher low…or lower high and failure for a squeeze lower into the US session. The Hang Seng may be closed again today but if not, there will be some catchup to other markets and volatility on the open. Will be waiting for the dust to settle first to see what levels will be in play today. The Nikkei is up at a level around 28750. Bulls are strong but the rally may run out of steam at current levels so watching for a flush and then fade or flush lower and rally into the Hang Seng open.

Cryptos were generally contained accept for Ethereum which busted up through resistance. Price looks to be consolidating the gains on Ether so watching for continuation into 3976 resistance. Bitcoin was less enthusiastic and held below resistance at 58950…are bulls running out of puff??!! I am watching for bitcoin to see another squeeze lower unless Ether gets on a charge.

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