Trading Plan for the days action 25/10/21

The SPI200 pushed up into resistance around 7421 which I expect will be flushed on the open today. From there, it will be about continuation off the level as the ASX pushes higher or failure back below the level and a lower high sell. The DOW is holding between 35555 and 35755. Bulls continue to ramp higher and I expect that this will continue as long as the FED continues to talk down rate rises. Watching for push into 35555 to find support. The Hang Seng has built a lot of levels just to create some chop. The longer term price action was up but momentum has waned which may lead to some profit taking soon. Watching the open for a flush up into a level and then a lower high for a drift lower. If price flushes lower first, then I expect to see the reverse. The Nikkei is holding up off 28710 and capped at 28796 then up at 28932. Watching for either a flush and hold of 28710 or failure towards 28465.

Cryptos were mixed over the weekend with bitcoin holding lows and being pressured down while Ethereum managed to push higher. Bitcoin is holding down around support at 60500 so expecting to see a grind higher being supported by Ethereum enthusiasm. Ethereum looks more bullish and setting to hold up off 3987..for now it is in no mans land between 3987 and 4143.

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