Trading Plan for the days action 26/10/21

The SPI200 added to the day sessions gains but found some sellers into the close to push below 7447. Expecting this level to be flushed on the open to clear out buyers. The ASX may find some resistance around 7480 but is in a bullish mood so expecting to see SPI200 hold above 7409 and soak up any flush lower. The DOW just keeps chugging higher and is hovering around previous highs at 35755. With big tech earnings this week I expect that the risk on tone will continue. Watching for pullbacks to be supported. The Hang Seng continues to find support even as the index is getting capped. Expecting The underlying Index wants to spike above 26500 in coming sessions so watching the CFD for a flush lower on open and then again get soaked up by bulls. The Nikkei was very strong yesterday with a rally from the open into the US close and it looks set to continue into 28925 today. Watching for a flush and hold from buyers to kick off the move up.

Cryptos were again mixed although Bitcoin and Ethereum wanted to be higher. Bitcoin is having a few issues with the 63700 level but expecting this level to at least be flushed today. Ethereum is stronger and looking to run up into 4262.

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