Trading Plan for the days action 15/11/21

The SPI200 held up off the 7417 level and below the 7452 level into the US close. These are the two levels that we are interested with today. Watching to see if price flushes higher and see how sellers react around 7452 or if price flushes lower on open to see how buyers react…not interested mid range for now. The DOW held up off 35900 and moved up into 36170 into the close. Watching 36170 today to see if sellers hold the level for a push lower. The Hang Seng moved up off day sessions lows into the US close and held above the 25355 level. Watching to see if this level holds on the open and price wants to go higher or whether sellers pile in again to move prices into 25215. The Nikkei ended mid-range between 29675 and 29830 so will need to see the opening drive action prior to getting involved. The 29830 level has provided strong resistance before so may again and there is a lot of bullish fuel built up that may provide a good sell opportunity.

Cryptos were generally weaker with Ethereum moving lower below 4712 on the weekend. Watching the 4712 level to keep the action down today and working off lower highs into 4424 is bears keep the pressure on. Bitcoin held below the 65475 level over the weekend and was well contained. If the pressure builds, then watching for a push down through 63850 off lower highs. The flush and rejection into 62335 may be a heads up that bulls want to defend the level so watching to see if a higher low can hold.

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