Trading Plan for the days action 16/11/21

The SPI200 gave up the days gains as price rolled over into lows around 7428. Price will come under pressure on the open as the ASX is expected to open down 35 points. The SPI200 will look to flush lows if it wants to rally later. The ASX is up at resistance which may lead to a good squeeze lower if bears have their way. Watching 7417 then 7391…if things get weak. The DOW held up off 36040 into the close which may lead to bulls targeting into 36170 and above today. The Hang Seng initially flushed down yesterday before rallying in the overnight session. The underlying index is holding the EMAs on the 30min so may spike higher….the opening flush and drive will be key for later direction. Watching the 25355 and 25215 levels on open. The Nikkei looks weak the way price grinded back into 29740. Price was held down at 29785 and then 29740 which may lead to a squeeze lower. Expecting a flush higher and the lower high for a sell.

Cryptos were firstly up in Asian and European trade before being sold lower in US trading. Bitcoin may look to hold 63520 so watching for a higher low potentially after a flush of the level. If price starts to hold a lower high below, then expecting a further fall. Ethereum is much the same around 4530 which is the key level for me today.

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