Trading Plan for the days action 22/11/21

The SPI200 may be setting to hold a lower high if buyers do not get their act together today. The underlying ASX200 index could be on the cusp of holding a key lower high which may drag in sellers for a run lower. Watching SPI200 for a flush higher into 7366 and then see how sellers react. If price flushes lower, then see if buyers provide support at 7337. The DOW moved lower off 36040 and is pushing into 35500. Expecting to see the usual bulls soaking up sellers into the level but until price breaks up through 35715, then trend is down. The Hang Seng held up off 24820 but continues to find selling pressure and may be further weighed by Evergrande issues. Watching for a flush into 24820 and then push into 24680. If buyers can flush up into 25085, then will be watching for the reaction from sellers. The Nikkei struggled to grind its way back up into 29655 as sellers are weighing on the action. Watching for an initial flush higher and then weakness to drive price lower. If price can hold up back above 29655, then expecting an early grind up.

Cryptos edged their way back up over the weekend with Ethereum leading the way. Bitcoin remains below $60K may may have a crack at breaking back above the level today. Ethereum will flush above 4337 on the open and it will be whether bulls can keep the grind up going or not off the level.

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