The 5 Minute Trading Day is kicking on strong into Christmas!!

The 5 Minute trading day has been consistently adding to gains over the recent weeks and anyone following the strategy should be happy heading into Christmas and the new year. I expect that the consistency will continue or even pick up as market volatility potentially lifts over a thinly traded Christmas holiday period.

For anyone who is undecided on whether to dip their toe in the water and give the strategy a go…and may need a little more convincing….the results are below. Of course some of the markets are harder to trade than others considering the different time-zones, but the strategy continues to provide the opportunity.

In the coming holiday period, I will further refine the strategy and add more explanatory videos with new traders in mind. Remember also, that there is a lot of added educational material in the Members Area of the website.

Happy Trading

Braden Gardiner

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