Trading Plan for the days action 9/12/21

The SPI200/ASX200 are both holding between support and resistance so we will need to see a reaction around either for an entry setup. We may see some risk come out of the action after yesterdays big rally so if price flushes higher on the open, will be watching for a fade. The DOW held below the 35960 level but still holding the trend higher. Expecting to see a test into 35960 and then will be watching for a lower high for a flush lower. The Hang Seng spent most of the session choppy between 23865 and 24136 yesterday with little conviction either way. Will be watching to see how price reacts around 24136 on the open. The Nikkei held all session yesterday above 28775 and looks set to spike into 29160 today. Will be watching to see what happens on a flush lower to see if buyers provide support and build a higher low.

Cryptos were generally contained with Bitcoin holding above 50300. Watching for some buyers to come into the action and engineer a move into 51750. Ethereum is much the same with a higher low holding above 4374 although holding below 4445. Watching for a push above 4445 today.

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