Trading Plan for the days action 13/12/21

The SPI200/ASX200 both are in no-mans land between support and resistance so the opening drive will be telling. Watching the 7387 and 7344 levels on the ASX200 for some action. The DOW pushed into and held the resistance level at 35960 into the US close. Watching this level for either some follow through from buyers or some profit taking and sellers to push price lower off the level. The Hang Seng saw a lot of chop in the US session as price held between 24010 and 24125. Price continues to look heavy so could easily flush down into 23900 on the open. The Nikkei worked its way up off 28435 in the US session and may want to expand up into 28775 today. Watching for a flush lower to see how buyers react.

Cryptos were generally supported over the weekend setting for a stronger open on the CFDs. Watching Bitcoin for a test up into 50930 or 51750 and then some profit taking to setup an opportunity for a run lower. Ethereum will open up around 4244 so this level will be key for me today.

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