Trading Plan for the days action 17/12/21

The SPI200/ASX200 gave up early gains to close down around the day sessions lows. Price has a minor level at 7327 on the ASX and 7225 on the SPI holding the action down. Will be interesting to see how the ASX will open as it has been a little unpredictable of late. Expecting the action to flush lower to clear out some stops. The DOW looked reluctant to push lower off 36130. Expecting the 35990 level to provide some action today into 35780 but need to see a lower high otherwise it could be a slow grind up. The Hang Seng pressed down in the US session to give back gains from European trade. Expecting to see price flush into 23375 to provide some opportunity for a long. The underlying index reacted up off major support yesterday so expecting some follow through today. The Nikkei had a big session yesterday on the underlying index so may see some profit taking today. Watching the 28920 and 28700 zones today so see how buyers and sellers react.

Cryptos edged lower overnight even as the USD moved down. Shows that there are still some bulls licking their wounds from the recent selloff. Bitcoin is hovering around 47400 which has held so watching this level for some action today. Ethereum held above the 3947 area so this may be tested today and will be the focus.

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