Trading Plan for the days action 13/01/22

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US CPI numbers came in higher than expected as inflation powers along. Markets basically brushed them aside with Tech rallying. May be some catching up to do from bears tonight.

The SPI200/ASX200 held between 7357 and 7327 on the SPI200 (7455 and 7424 on the ASX200). Expecting to see s flush of highs and a push up into new 7385 on SPI200 and 7482 on the ASX200. If resistance holds the initial flush then watch for a squeeze lower on bulls through support. The DOW initially popped higher on the open and then buyers waned into the close. If 36214 holds then looking for a push higher. If it doesn’t, then there may be an unwind of buyers positions. The Hang Seng continued to power higher but the action is extended on the longer term timeframes. No doubt there will be a pullback at some point so will be on guard for an opening spike and then fade lower. If price again flushes lower on open and then starts to hold, expecting another grind up. The Nikkei held below 28815 but also found buyers into support. Expecting to see a flush lower on open to squeeze out some buyers.

Cryptos moved there way up off lows as bargain hunters went shopping. The Key level today for Bitcoin is 43700. Watching to see if price can hold the level and work higher or whether it has trapped some buyers to engineer a squeeze lower. Ethereum is holding just below 3450 so watching to see if price can extend into the level or whether we see a selloff from current levels.

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