Trading Plan for the days action 26/01/22

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ASX closed for Aussie Day.

The SPI200/ASX200 will both be a little quiet today being a public holiday. Expecting to see a squeeze higher but will not be trading today. The DOW reacted lower off 34510 late in the US session. Will be watching to see if buyers can hold a higher low above 33630 of a lower high below 34510. The Hang Seng has been hit lower in after hours CFD trading as the US fell over. Watching to see the reaction of buyers into 24015/29930. Expect a flush of the level and then a higher low to work longs off. If price breaks through and starts to hold a lower high, then expect to see a bigger flush lower. The Nikkei also took a hit with the US late in the session. Price fell from 27365 into 26877. The 26877 level has been defended prior so watching to see how buyers react again at the level…ie soak up selling or let the level break for a move down.

Cryptos also found sellers late with Bitcoin and Ethereum reacting lower off minor resistance levels. If these levels hold today, expecting to see a move back into lows and will be looking for lower highs.

Spot Gold broke up through 1843 at the start of the US session in what was a flush of stop losses from short sellers. Will be watching to see if price can hold above the level today and find more buyers into the European session and then US.

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