Trading Plan for the days action 27/01/22

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Fed signals that rate rises coming as soon as March and expect a significant reduction in asset holdings by the Fed.

The SPI200/ASX200 both took a sharp turn south pushing through support levels. Still expect that the ASX will open up positive although may find a lack of buying for support. Watching for a flush higher and then a lower high to pressure bulls and price lower. The DOW fell away from resistance around 34747 once Powell started speaking. Price spent most of the session in positive territory before falling over into the close. Would expect to see price squeeze higher to force out some sellers before another lower high can form. The Hang Seng did most of the bearish move lower after the Futures markets had closed. Expect weakness on the open but not before a flush higher from the big boys. Price may look to break down below 23930 if the bears get excited. The Nikkei extended into 26877 which is major support. Expecting that bargain hunters will provide some support at the level but Will be watching closely the reaction from sellers on any rally. May look to trap some buyers off support prior to a move lower.

Cryptos rolled over once the FOMC kicked off the shenanigans into the stock indexes. Price pushed lower on both Bitcoin and Ethereum so basically looking for a lower high for shorts to see if the negative move can continue.

Spot Gold proved again it is not an inflation hedge as price was hit hard into the FOMC release. Happier to be on the short side for a selloff than jump in long as the USD rallies. Watching to see how buyers and sellers react around either 1810 or 1830.

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