Trading Plan for the days action 2/02/22

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The SPI200/ASX200 both had a choppy session through European trade and into the start of the US session. The US moved higher late which dragged the ASX200 and SPI200 through resistance levels. Expecting that this move may be enough to see the ASX push higher today. Watching for a move up into 6992 (SPI200) and 7078 (ASX200). The DOW ramped up into the close after a choppy session from the open. Price is intent on pushing up into resistance around 35520/35630. Will be watching for sellers into this level to cap the action and hold a lower high for a short setup. The Hang Seng is closed for the next two days. The Nikkei moved down on the open yesterday and found support at 27010 which held into the US close. Price is being held down at 27205 which is expected to break on the open. Looking for a higher low to work longs from for a move up into 27423. If price again flushes higher and then fails, watching for a lower high and short.

Cryptos were well contained with both Bitcoin and Ethereum lacking any direction for the session. Bitcoin had problems with the 39000 zone and held below so looking for either a higher low and push above…or a lower high short off the zone. Ethereum held above 2697 but looks very unenticing.

Spot Gold was caught between the 1799 zone…which it broke above during the Asian market session…and below 1807 where sellers kept price in check. Expecting to see more range action between the levels today.

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