Intraday Trading Live / Three wins, a loss and a big missed opportunity

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In trading, we need to refine our edge and learn to read the market price action live. This is the reason for the live trading blog series…to give you an insight into what I am looking for in a price action setup. The trading style is the same for me on shares as it is on intraday trading the Indexes…albeit with some minor nuances for each product.

In yesterdays trading, you will see a win on the Nikkei, then a loss and win for ‘The 5 Minute Trading Day’ on the Hang Seng and finally, a win on the Hang Seng. The missed opportunity was the Nikkei (N225)…with the initial long entry continuing a further 250 points from my exit.

In the video, I talk through my reasoning for the entries and also, why I missed the Nikkei trade. In the review I walk through the prime entry areas and where the re-entry for the N225 trade should have been.

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