About Trade The Structure

Why do 90% of traders fail?

Failure to prepare both a market plan and mindset

Over-complicating trading and unrealistic expectations

Trade with NO PLAN and let EGO dictate trading


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”…. Benjamin Franklin

“I care about providing new traders with the right path to trading success and this is why I am happy to share my experience and strategy ‘The 5 Minute Trading Day’ for free to get you started”

Braden Gardiner Founder at http://www.tradethestructure.com

Hi…I’m Braden from Trade The Structure

Welcome all….a bit about me. I am a keen financial markets trader. My journey in financial markets began more than 20 years ago as a broker, primarily trading futures, options and indicies.

At that time, I traded large quantities of crude oil options for various income strategies. I would commonly trade around 250 options contracts at a time.

I also traded Australian bond futures contracts, around 300 with each transaction. So for each point gained or lost, it amounted to around $50,000 into or out of the account.

I would capitalise on spread strategies between the SP500 in the US and the ASX Index. I have gained extensive knowledge and experience on a wide range of securities, such as shares, futures, CFD’s, Options and Currencies.

In 2011, I left the broking industry to become a private trader. I enjoy the action and excitement of trading my own capital. I focus primarily on technical analysis. I have developed a personal trading style and rely on my own trading psychology.

I lean heavily towards momentum trading and analyse multiple time frames for opportunities when I believe other traders have become trapped on the wrong side of the action. My trading tends to involve short-term strategies.

Trade The Structure specialises in sifting out trading opportunities. I believe my trading knowledge and experience built over 20 years will help like-minded traders take advantage of each and every opportunity as they arise. I am committed and dedicated to helping you become a savvy trader. The website has all the materials and content required to help you successfully trade financial markets.

You’re more than welcome to join our journey to your own trading success.

What I do?
  • I primarily focus on intraday trading. I trade stock market indexes such as the Hang Seng, the Nikkei, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the German DAX. I also trade ASX listed shares.
  • I spend much of my day streaming and chatting to other like-minded traders via our Discord Channel.
  • I help traders with their trading and provide trade commentary to Trade The Structure subscribers.
  • I provide ‘The 5 Minute Trading Day‘. The Strategy is deliberately easy to follow and provides traders with the confidence they need to successfully and consistently trade their own accounts.


Braden and Trade the Structure have been a part of my trading life for over 3years to date. Braden’s insightful take on the technical side of trading has improved my own for all the right reasons.

Jason, Cairns.

Being a newbie, trade the structure was a fantastic help steering me in the right direction and ‘The 5 Minute Day’ strategy has been very consistent for me and easy to trade.

Lisa, Melbourne.

I have only just starting following and can say that the strategy and trade style is easy to follow and makes sense…loving the streams too!

Jamie, Brisbane.